Professional USB Wired Gaming Mouse 1000-8000dpi

  • $107.99


This item is a professional laser gaming mouse, which adopts USB wired connection with 8 optics key numbers.  It has adjustable dpi from 1000 to 8000. Ergonomic mouse for better gaming experience and healthy life.


- Color: Black.
- Wire DIA: 3.0mm.
- Wire Length: 1600mm.
- Size:133 * 80 * 42mm.
- Connection: USB port.
- Key number: 8 optics.
- 1000,1200,1400,....8000DPI Adjustable,Maximum value:8200DPI.
- Six DPI Values corresponding to 6 colors lamp.
- Professional laser gaming mouse.
- Ergonomic mouse for better gaming experience.

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